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Complimentary External Threat Check Package for your Organization

Helping you when you need it the most

COVID-19 has been putting businesses under enormous stress, big and small alike. All across the world, as pandemic management began to kick into place, a large portion of the workforce moved to remote work.

Unfortunately, when the workforce is "outside the corporate firewall", traditional enterprise security measures are mostly ineffective, leaving your corporate network exposed to a multitude of threats.

Here at Ignyte, we have pooled a team of volunteers, from both internal staff and our partners' network, to assemble an External Threat Check Package to help companies secure their external presence.

The Package is a 1-time free coverage check available to all healthcare providers and qualified companies (see below), and easily deployable within minutes. This free package consists of our Ignyte credentialed team delivering a short check of your attack surface.

Please carefully read the information below, as we will be working at max capacity for this package. Your understanding of the procedure will help us streamline the process and extend the service to as many as possible that are in need. We have committed to providing this service completely free, for as long as we have the capacity and budget to run the infrastructure.

Who can apply for this Endpoint Defense Package?
  • Healthcare providers needing support

  • Small Businesses needing support


  • Companies with 50 employees or less

   *Your company must have an external device and/or website.


Who can't benefit from this initiative?
  • Individuals

  • Companies operating in countries we currently do not support (read the FAQ below)

What can you expect?

  • We are doing the best we can on a volunteer basis, support will be subject to availability and requirements.

  • Hours of operation: from 9AM EST to 5PM EST local time (GMT+1), Monday to  Friday.

  • Troubleshooting: we will respond promptly, as best we can.

  1. Complete every field in the booking form, use the "message" field if you need to provide multiple points of contact (such as a technical or legal contact).

  2. Specify your website and external IPs you require support for.

  3. If you qualify for the Package, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible and send you the relevant instructions on how to activate our Ignyte Service.

That’s it!

Get your organization covered today using our External Threat Check Package by completing the online form. The service will expire automatically on 15 August 2020 (though we might extend this term) and no payment is required.

Apply for External Threat Check Package
Only applications from corporate emails will be processed.

Thanks for applying.


Please read carefully before applying, this will save both of us a lot of time.

Which countries can you support?

The entire United States, Canada, Mexico & European Union. If your country is not listed, unfortunately we won't be able to support your organization as we are operating with limited staff.

We are a healthcare provider...

You are qualified!

How long will the service be available?

Until 15-August-2020, we might decide to extend it further if the general COVID-19 situation doesn't improve, provided we can gather enough volunteers.

Is the service entirely free for real?

Yes it is. We will provide it on a first-come-first-served basis subject to budget, availability and approval. Beyond our allocated budget, customers who wish to apply for this package - please contact us. The cost per customer will be minimal and communicated to you before activating your account. You can then decide whether you want to proceed or not.

How many IPs & websites can you check?

We can check unlimited IPs and websites if you are a qualified business.